Creating Your First API Credential

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Creating your own API Credentials requires an active Evercloud user account.  Credentials you create will be limited to the permission level of your user account.  Developer features must be enabled for your account by your Customer Administrator or Everactive.

For questions about your account status or to enable developer features email:

Granting your first token:
Login to Evercloud and click the "Gear" icon, then choose "Management":

Select "API Credentials":
Hit the button in the top task bar "Add API Credentials":
The Add API Credential Dialog:
Credential Name:
Name the credential based off of your application or use case.
An expiry date must be set for each credential.  This date can be multiple years in the future.
A site must be selected.
Site Privileges:


Privilege Read-Only
User Developer
Site Admin
Read Sensor Data 🟒 🟒 β›” 🟒

View Evergateway Data

🟒 🟒 β›” 🟒

Manage Evergateways

β›” β›” β›” 🟒

Create, Edit and Delete User Accounts

β›” β›” β›” 🟒

Manage Site Information

β›” β›” β›” 🟒

Create and Modify Webhooks

β›” β›” 🟒 🟒

Enable Developer Access

β›” β›” 🟒 🟒


A single credential could have access to multiple roles.  They are additive, meaning you can combine two roles, and the more permissive access will be granted.

For instance, you could create a read-only credential, and enable developer access.  The resulting credential would be able to view assets, view gateways, generate a client ID, generate access tokens, and interact with the system via the Everactive API.

After adding the credential, you can manually rotate the secret if it's been exposed.

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