About User Roles and Permissions in Evercloud

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User Logins and Roles

Each user should have their own login. By default, your organization email address is your username for Evercloud. Your administrator can create new accounts in Evercloud.




Evercloud supports the following user roles to facilitate permissions and access to data.


Privilege Viewer
User Analyst
Customer Admin
IT Admin
View Assets 🟒 🟒 🟒 🟒 β›”

Edit Asset Metadata

β›” 🟒 🟒 🟒 β›”

Resolve Alerts

β›” 🟒 🟒 🟒 β›”

Delete Assets

β›” β›” 🟒 🟒 β›”

Install New Eversensors on Assets

β›” 🟒 🟒 🟒 β›”

View Evergateways

🟒 🟒 🟒 🟒 β›”

Manage Evergateways

β›” β›” 🟒 🟒 β›”

Create, Edit and Delete User Accounts

β›” β›” β›” 🟒 🟒

Manage Customer Site Information

β›” β›” 🟒 🟒 β›”

Enable Developer Access

β›” β›” β›” 🟒 🟒


The Developer Flag


For each type of account, IT Admins and Customer Admins can enable developer access.  The permissions will remain unchanged, but the user will be able to generate a client ID, generate access tokens, and interact with the system via the Everactive API.

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