MHM Alarms 101

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Everactive's Machine Health Monitoring solution provides real-time alerts for rotating machinery that breaches its customized thresholds. You can leverage this "check-engine" light to optimize your routine data collection rounds and focus on the machines that matter. 


An email alert is triggered when a machine spends 5 minutes above one of it's 3 thresholds with a minimum of 3 consecutive readings meeting this criteria. 


If we are reporting data once per minute we will get the alarm after 5 minutes.  If we are in the Energy Aware mode, reporting every 5 minutes, then the readings are above threshold for 15 minutes (3 readings at 5 minute intervals) prior to the alarm being triggered


Until the machine alert is Acknowledged or Cleared, it will remain in the Alarm status. 




To Acknowledge or Clear a machine's Alarm, navigate to the individual machine page by selecting the "View Charts" option in Dashboard or Summary table.



Click on the Alarm Status drop-down and select the appropriate machine status.

Note: If a machine is in Acknowledged status and meets the Alarm criteria, it will enter back into Alarm status.


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