Field Guide: Eversensor Gang-Charger/Reset Tool

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This guide details how to use an Everactive gang-charger to charge the capacitors and/or reset an Eversensor to quickly "force" a sensor node to pair to a nearby gateway. Up to 10 sensors can be charged or reset at a time. 


Functions and buttons:

  • Left and Right Bank Power Switches: At the bottom of the device there are two switches; each switch will toggle ON/OFF power for the left and right banks respectively
  • Micro USB Power Port: This is how power is supplied to the gang-charger from the power pack
  • USB Power Pack: This is a USB battery pack to provide power
  • Master Reset Button: This button will reset all sensors connected to the gang-Charger
  • Individual Reset Button: This button will reset only the sensor connected to a specific port



How to use the Gang-Charger:

  1. Connect the power pack to the gang-charger, and power ON the power pack if necessary.
  2. Switch ON the bank for the ports that will be used to charge or reset sensors: the indicator LEDs for all ports that are powered will be ORANGE. 
  3. Connect Eversensors to the numbered ports on the sides of the gang-charger using the USB-C cables provided with the Eversensors. As sensors are connected and acknowledged, their respective LED indicators will turn GREEN.
    1. Once the LED indicator turns green or a sensor, the capacitors in the sensor node are now being charged. A full charge can be reached in approximately two minutes. 
  4. To reset sensors and force pairing to a nearby Evergateway with the strongest signal, there are two options:
    1. Hold the individual reset for 3 seconds for each individual sensor to be reset
    2. Hold the master reset button for 3 seconds to reset all sensor nodes that are connected to the gang charger
  5. Disconnect the Eversensors - they are now ready for installation. 


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