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For the Machine Health Monitoring solution, we have had many customers want to know how long a sensor has been in a certain status: Alarm or Clear, for example.

This information is useful, because it provides the user an indication of how long a sensor or machine has been in the current status. For example, if a machine has been in an Alarm status for 400 days, then it provides a good indication that the machine should be investigated as it hasn't been checked -- at least logged in Evercloud -- or it could indicate a more nuanced threshold should be applied to that machine.


To activate the Days in Status column -- or any column in Evercloud -- for that manner, right click on the Column Header on the table. 


Hover over Columns and an expanded view of the available columns. Ensure that the Days in Status column is selected as show in the image below.




Once the box is selected, your default view should include the Days in Status column as shown below.




You can sort on Alarm Status to give you an indication of the sensors or machines that have been in that status the longest. This will help draw your attention to sensors or machines with alarms that may require investigation or potentially have thresholds revisited.


Please contact if you have any questions regarding adding the Days in Status column or configuring the summary view to fit your needs.



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