Extreme Surface Temperature - Machine Health Monitoring

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The Machine Health Monitoring Eversensor collects temperature at two points:

1) Ambient temperature: temperature data point collected internal to the sense node enclosure

2) Surface temperature: temperature data point collected at the bottom of the temperature differential harvester (TEG: Thermal Electric Generator)


If there is an erroneous/extreme temperature reading for the Surface temperature, this is indicative of 1) an unseated cable connection between the sensor and the TEG harvester or 2) a potential cable failure.

The screenshot below shows an example of an erroneous temperature measurement.




The 3D Cyclone shows that the Ambient temperature is reading 100.36 degrees F while the Surface temperature is reading -113.06 degrees F.




To troubleshoot, ensure that the cables are seated properly. We recommend mating the connectors physically flush before engaging the thumbscrew.  The thumbscrew is intended to tighten the cable connectors after flush engagement -- not using the thumbscrew to make the connection.


The pictures below are an example of flush connections and then using the thumbscrews to tighten.





After revisiting the cable connections, refresh the Everactive Insights cloud. Wait one to five minutes to observe the temperatures. If the temperature normalizes and is comparable to the Ambient temperature -- within 20 degrees differential --, then the cable connection has been properly seated and the problem is fixed.


If the Surface temperature does not normalize, then the cable likely needs to be replaced. If you have extra cables available, swap the cable and refer back to the cloud. If you need additional cables, please contact success@everactive.com.


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