Evercloud Guided Training: FAQs

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  • What is Evercloud?
    Evercloud is Everactive's software portal for managing alerts, understanding system health, and inspecting sensor data.

  • Who needs access, and who should attend?
    Evercloud is designed to be used by Maintenance Engineers, Maintenance Planners, Business Analysts and others who are interested in understanding the health of their equipment, or the savings and energy conservation realized from repairing failed assets sooner.

  • What level of technical and/or computer proficiency should they have?
    Evercloud users need to be comfortable operating a web browser, logging in and managing a password, and simple data entry.  If you can operate a modern email interface like GMail, or traverse a social network like Facebook, you'll be able to operate Evercloud.

  • What training material will be presented?
    The typical "Introduction to Evercloud" training includes the following modules:
    • Introduction to Everactive team and technology
    • Review of Everactive hardware components
    • Review installation/service of Everactive equipment
    • Overview of Evercloud dashboard
    • Setting up email notifications and account preferences
    • Understanding data on the dashboard
    • How to edit/update steam trap information
    • How to resolve notifications
    • How to get support from the Everactive team
    • Q & A
    • How long is the training?
      Training takes approximately one hour, and includes time for Q&A.
    • Will this be an on-site class or will it be virtual?
      Typically Evercloud trainings are delivered via Zoom meeting.
  • Is there any confirmation or certification to assure that the knowledge is successfully transferred and the attendees are proficient in the use of the program/system?
    At this time we do not present "Certification", etc.  Trainees are encouraged to follow along during the training session and ask questions as they arise.  As a part of our service, our Customer Success team will be monitoring system usage- within a few weeks of training, if it appears alarms aren't being acted upon in a timely manner, we'll reach out to site stakeholders to determine what obstacles have arisen, if more training is necessary, etc.

  • Will periodic refresher training be needed in your experience?
    As a part of our service, quarterly insight sessions will include refreshers on how the software works as well as introductions to new features.  These check-ins with your staff are meant to ensure they understand the system, and if they're not taking action on it, to get them on the right track.

  • Will practitioners be able to generate reports and define actionable items post-training?
    Yes, the session will close with clearly defined next steps, and attendees will be able to identify failed assets, receive notifications as the assets fail, and service themselves going forwards.

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