MHM Magnet Mounting Guide

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Note: It's the end user's responsibility to ensure that all work is completed in a manner that is safe for any person completing the work.
Mounting an MHM Eversensor using the magnets built into the base of the sensor is the fastest, easiest way to mount an MHM sensor to an asset. 
An MHM sensor may be mounted to the surface of a machine using the magnetic base when:
  • The machine surface is a ferromagnetic material.
  • There is approximately a 2" x 2" area to place the MHM sensor.
  • The MHM sensor does not "rock" when placed on the machine's surface.
Mounting Process:
  1. Select a location on the asset to be monitored at either the inboard or outboard end of the unit, oriented vertically or horizontally.
  2. Place the MHM sensors on the machine with the antenna oriented perpendicular to the machine's axis of rotation. Test to ensure a positive connection between the sensor and the machine by gently "wiggling" the antenna of the sensor. If the MHM sensor "rocks" it will not produce useful data. 
    1.  If the sensor "rocks", reposition the sensor until the sensor shows no rocking motion.
  3. Connect and dress the TEG, PV, and cables for the MHM power train.

Please contact if you have any questions on preparing an asset for stud mounting an Everactive MHM sensor. 

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