MHM Epoxy Mounting Guide

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Note: It's the end user's responsibility to ensure that all work is completed in a manner that is safe for any person completing the work.
Everactive recommends using Loctite AA 330 No-Mix Adhesive for epoxy mounting MHM hardware. Please refer to the Loctite Specifications and MSDS sheets if more information is needed on Loctite AA 330.  
An MHM sensor may be mounted to the surface of a machine using epoxy when:
  • The machine surface is uneven (E.g. Cast Steel) and causes the MHM sensor to "rock" when attempting to mount via magnet.
  • The machine casing or surface is made of a non-ferromagnetic material. 
  • The machined casing is finned for cooling.
Mounting process:
  1. Select a location on the asset to be monitored at either the inboard or outboard end of the unit, oriented vertically or horizontally.
  2. Surfaces should be dry. No need to clean parts.  Heavy grease, oil, and dirt should be wiped away.
  3. Hold Activator can 1-2 inches from the MHM sensor mount location and coat the surface with Loctite AA 330 Activator.
  4. Apply Loctite AA 330 adhesive to the base of the MHM sensor, forming two parallel beads. Place the sensor on the machine ensuring the antenna is perpendicular to the axis of rotation within the machine.
  5. Press the MHM sensor to the machine firmly for 60 seconds. Handling strength in 1-2 minutes. Full cure in 4-24 hours depending on environmental conditions. Larger gaps between mount surfaces will increase cure times.  
  6. Connect and dress the TEG, PV, and cables for the MHM power train.

Please contact if you have any questions on preparing an asset for epoxy mounting an Everactive MHM sensor. 

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