Resolving Inaccurate Steam / Condensate Temperatures

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If a 2nd generation Steam Trap Monitoring sensor is displaying extreme condensate and / or steam temperatures, please complete the following steps to resolve:


1. Check and confirm the Sensor Harvester Module (SHM) mount is correctly placed on the pipe.
    A. The clamp should be centered on to pipe 
    B. The onboard probe should be making contact to the pipe
    C. There should be no debris on / around the clamp section / probe.

2. Check and confirm the cable end attached to the pipe clamp is making contact onto the pipe surface. Any obstruction (i.e. insulation paste, excessive paint, rust, or corrosion) will affect the reading.

3. Remove the cable from SHM port and reinstall: Push cable connector into SHM connector until fully seated (you will feel a click), then tighten with the wing nut. Finger tight only. Check reading.

4. If the inaccurate temperature reading issue persists, swap the SHM and the Remote Temp Module positions and re-connect the cable to the opposing port. Check reading.

5. Finally, if troubleshooting is unsuccessful, probes can be replaced by contacting our team at 


Example of an inaccurate condensate temperature in Insights:






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