How to Customize Your Summary View

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Customizing your view in Evercloud's Summary page is a powerful way to set yourself up for success. Here are some flexible options you have at your disposal depending on your use-case and goals while using our platform. 


Number of Assets Shown

Whether your are viewing your steam traps or rotating machines, you can select how many assets you wish to view. Simply click the "Show" drop-down list above the Summary view and select the number of assets you to view. When selecting "Show - All" you will see up to 1,000 assets. This feature will also impact the number of assets downloaded using the Export feature




Column Freezing

On the left-hand side of the summary view you will notice a thick vertical border separating the Trap Tag (STM) or Equipment Name (MHM) from the rest of the columns. The columns left of this border will remain in view as you scroll to the right. It is possible to add or remove columns from this section as you see fit for your experience. 

There are two ways to add columns into this left-hand section:

  1. Click and drag the column of interest to the left of the thick border
  2. Right click the column of interest and choose the "move to left section" option



Column Ordering

If there are specific columns you wish to see in a specific order, there's a very simple way to achieve this.

  1. Simply click and hold in the column header 
  2. Drag left or right until the column is in its desired location


Column Hiding/Showing

Everactive's monitoring systems capture uniquely dense data sets. Depending on your role in your company's deployment, some of the information available in the Summary page may not be relevant for you. This feature applies to both STM and MHM products. To hide or show relevant columns:

  1. Right click on a specific column header and select "Hide column" to remove the column selected from view                                                          mceclip0.png
  2. Right click on any column header, hover over the "Columns" option, and select or deselect any one or multiple columns you wish to view or hideColumnHiding.gif


Column Sorting

Currently in Evercloud's Summary page you can sort in ascending or descending order on specific columns. When you hover your mouse curser over each column you will see the A-Z icon appear if that column is able to be sorted. Here is a list of currently sortable columns with more to come in the future!


Either Product

    • Mac Address
    • Last Reading
    • Facility 
    • Location
    • Manufacturer

Steam Trap Monitoring

    • Trap Tag
    • Trap State
    • Steam State
    • Ambient Temperature
    • Steam Temperature
    • Condensate Temperature

Machine Health Monitoring

    • Alarm Status
    • Alarm Status Changed At
    • Tangential (X) Vibration
    • Axial (Y) Vibration
    • Radial (Z) Vibration
    • Machine Type





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