Getting Started with Evercloud: First Login

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Evercloud is Everactive's software portal for managing alerts, understanding system health, and inspecting sensor data.

The first time you login to Evercloud, there are five immediate steps you should take to ensure the system is usable and your account is properly configured.

  1. Confirm Email Address
  2. Reset Password
  3. Set Preferences for Time Zone, Units of Measure
  4. Configure Email Notification Settings
  5. Site-Wide Email Notification Settings

Upon completion of these five steps, you'll be ready to start using the system.


Logging in

Unless otherwise noted, Evercloud is available at



Typical user accounts are provisioned as your corporate email address, all lower case, with the domain included (see example in above figure).

If you forget your password, click the link below the Log In button to have a reset link sent to you via email.


If you don't know what email address is in use for your account, email for assistance.


Confirming your Email address

After logging in, click or tap in the gear in the upper-right corner to select the configuration menu. Click on "Profile."



Profile Screen

Verify Email.jpg


Confirm your email address.  Save any changes by clicking "Save Profile".


Why is this important?

If your email address is incorrect, you won't be able to reset your password or receive email notifications.



Reset Password

The second section on the left sidebar is for resetting your password.  Evercloud accounts are typically issued with easy-to-type passwords intended only to get you started.  Setting a stronger password ensures your account and your employer's data remain secure.

Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length, include upper and lower case letters, and include at least one number.  The word "password" can not be used.


Change Password.jpg


Don't forget to click "Update Password" to commit changes.



Set Preferences for Time Zone, Units of Measure

New Evercloud accounts default to UTC, which can result in reporting on the dashboard that appears to be coming "from the future" for users in US Timezones. Click/tap the gear to access the configuration menu.  Select "Settings". 



Settings Menu

time zone and temperatuer.jpg

Changes made to temperature are applied across all parts of the user interface, but can be toggled on individual steam traps temporarily using the "Data Options" tab.


Configure Email Notification Settings

Click/tap the gear to access the configuration menu.  Select "Settings". 



Select "Notifications" from the option menu on the left side of the window. 




Flip the sliders to enable the associated notifications for your account


Notification settings.jpg

Unexpected Cold

This setting must be used in conjunction with the proper metadata on each steam trap.  In addition to enabling notifications here, traps must have their operation type set to continuous on the trap page.  Traps set to "Intermittent Process" will not send notifications, as periods off steam being off will be expected behavior.



Blowing traps are detected through complex analytics.  Any time a failure is detected, an email will be sent in addition to the trap being raised to the Dashboard Trap Triage List.  Per-trap emails will continue until snoozed or resolved.


Daily Digest

In both above conditions, individual emails are sent for trap notifications.  By enabling the Daily Digest, you'll receive a single email once a day with a list of all trap notifications.


Machine Health Daily Notifications

Users will receive an alert when a machine vibrates above or below a set vibration threshold on any of three available axes. 


Offline Gateway Report

Users will receive a weekly report with information on any offline gateways. 



Site-Wide Email Notification Settings

Users can silence cold trap alerts for all sensors globally by toggling the "mute cold trap alarms" setting on the customer profile page. 


Click/tap the gear to access the configuration menu.  Select "Management". 



Click/tap the "site management" tile. 

Site Management.jpg

Click/tap user's site from the list. 


customer site list.jpg



Use the "mute cold trap alarms" toggle to turn off cold trap notifications for all sensors across the associated site. 

Mute Cold Trap Notifications.jpg



Everactive Contact Information

Everactive is always available to support our customers. If additional assistance is required, please contact your Everactive sales representative, or



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