Evercloud User Basics

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Summary View and Tables

Evercloud sorts your sensors by application, keeping all of your Steam Trap Monitors (STM) and all of your Machine Health Monitors (MHM) in discrete tables.

The pull down menu at the top-center of Evercloud allows you to toggle between different sensor views.



Sensor type pull-down menu, Dashboard link for Steam Traps, and the Summary View Link are called-out above


Click on the "Summary" button to bring up a site-wide view of your monitoring system.



The Summary View in Evercloud


For each field, you can sort by hovering over the top of the column and clicking the toggle:



List toggles appear when hovering


To filter, type a string into the search box:



List filtering in action


Each column's width can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the sliders between columns.  You can also drag entire columns horizontally to customize your view. 


On lower resolution screens, you may need to scroll horizontally to see all the metadata fields.  Use the scroll bars on the bottom and right side of the screen to navigate.



Scroll Bars for navigation


The "Trap Tag" field will stay pinned to the left sidebar for reference.



For any asset in the table, you can left-click for a detail view or use the icons in the "Actions" column to View, Edit, or Delete an asset.

Right-clicking on an asset brings up a contextual menu, allowing you to open multiple assets side-by-side in browser tabs:



The right-click contextual menu



Everactive Contact Information

Everactive is always available to support our customers. If additional assistance is required, please contact success@Everactive.com.

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