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Introducing Photos for Machine Health Monitors and More!

At Everactive we’re committed to bringing you the most reliable and accessible experience possible. That's why we've released several new or updated features to make your experience with Everactive even better. With our addition of photos for machine health monitors in Evercloud, offline gateway notifications, mute cold trap update, and improved mobile experience, you can trust that you're getting the best of the best.


  • Machine Health Monitor Photos - You asked and we delivered! MHM customers can now add photos to the metadata fields of individual MHM sensor pages to more easily locate and identify the machines you need to reach for maintenance.


  • Offline Gateway Notifications - Similar to our existing suite of steam and machine health notifications, users can easily elect to receive email notifications when a gateway has gone offline. More…


  • Mute Cold Trap Alarms - users can now choose to stop receiving cold trap notifications. More…


  • Improved Mobile Viewing Experience - Users viewing Evercloud with their mobile devices will now be able to more easily navigate the “summary” page for faster access to key sensor and gateway information.


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