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Machine Health Monitoring (MHM) Dashboard

Our teams have been working hard to launch the first version of the MHM Dashboard. Similar to our STM Dashboard, the MHM Dashboard shows an aggregated view of Machines by Alarm Type, Machine Threshold Breaches, and now, we have launched an Alarm Trend Chart that provides a view into how your alarms are being actioned over time. We are very excited about the high-level information that the dashboard provides for the user as all these views resulted from direct customer feedback.

MHM Usability Features: Days in Status Column, Faster Threshold Changes, & Chart Export

We have added a new column that you can add in either the Dashboard View or Summary View called Days in Status. This gives you a quick view of how long a machine or sensor has been in its' current status. Several customers have expressed the desire to create an 'Alarm Age Report,' and this information helps the customer with that task.

For faster threshold changes, we incorporated the ability to tweak the thresholds straight from the Dashboard & Summary View. We have also added chart exporting options to save them as images or put into reports. ​Documentation on how take advantage of all these updates including more details on the dashboard are forthcoming on Everactive's Knowledge Base. With these changes, you will need to restore your preferred Summary View.

Other Evercloud Enhancements

We aren't done yet! For our Steam Trap Monitoring (STM) Dashboard, we have updated the Dashboard chart to include 'Unexpected Colds'. We now have support for Auth0 provided API credentials, and for developers, we have created a new API administration page to obtain your credentials. Lastly, we will have a scheduled maintenance period for an hour on February 14th at 10:00pm EST / 7:00pm PST to update our backend.

Again, we are excited about this release, and we look forward to continuously enhancing the customer experience, so please contact us at success@everactive.com if you have suggestions or comments on future product improvements.





Machine Health Monitoring (MHM) Dashboard

Our teams have been working to launch the first edition of the MHM Dashboard. Similar to our STM dashboard, the MHM dashboard shows an aggregated view of machines by alarm. This is the first edition, and we plan to continue to build this functionality. Over time, the user will be able to see how alarms are trending to give you insights into overall machine & system performance at an aggregated level. 

Overall Vibration Data Export

Another feature we are rolling out is an expansion of our Excel export functionality. In a previous release, we made available the export of Machine Health Monitoring and the Steam Trap Monitoring Summary pages. Now you will be able to export more granular data from the machine details page like Overall Vibration Data. This allows to you to take the data into other software packages or enable further analysis & visualization using Excel.

Faster Thresholding

Lastly, we have made an improvement to the machine threshold workflow to speed up changing machine set points. We have moved up the 'change threshold' to the top of the Edit Machine page to reduce the amount of scrolling based on customer feedback!



Most Recent Vibration Columns

You will now be able to see the most recent vibration reading in the summary view. This enables you to quickly identify whether or not a certain sensor is measuring out of the ordinary to hone into that machine.

In a subsequent release, you will be able to sort the most recent vibration reading across all of your sensors.

Reordered Columns

Based on your feedback, we have also optimized the column ordering to help you take action quicker by putting the action column after the equipment identifier.




  • Updated steam trap detail page

    • The temperature chart is now visible on the first tab

    • Header cards give information about the steam trap and Eversensor, including the last reported time, signal health, and state of charge

  • Updated steam trap form

    • Adding or editing a steam trap is now on a separate page with improved validation and error handling

  • Corrected steam loss summary on dashboard

    • Everactive team discovered a bug in calculation for steam loss and has now corrected the calculation

  • Our support page now connects you to the Everactive knowledge base

  • Updated icons and settings menu




  • STM MHM Default downsampling for Eversensor data is now “auto”

    • When you visit a steam trap or machine detail page, the initial Eversensor data is now auto-downsampled. This means that the system will adjust the time intervals between requested data points to make sure you can retrieve data for the time period you requested.

    • The auto-downsampling feature selects the most frequent interval it can give you without exceeding 5,000 Eversensor readings.

    • If, for example, you want to retrieve one day of Eversensor data, you will likely receive every sensor reading it captured (Eversensors typically have a 1-minute interval between sensor readings, so that’s 1,440 readings).

    • However, if you want to retrieve three months of Eversensor data, instead of sending you 130,000 Eversensor readings, the auto-downsampling feature will give you Eversensor readings at 30-minute intervals throughout the three months (less than 5,000 readings). This collection of data will load faster and display without overloading your browser and making the page feel slow.

    • You can still select other downsampling options if you prefer (12 hours, 1 day) as long as the request won’t exceed the 5,000 Eversensor reading threshold.




  •  Steam Trap Monitoring: New Steam Trap Summary Table enabling many additional features:

    • Additional columns with steam trap metadata and data from the latest Eversensor reading

    • Faster page load with pagination (so you only request a small set of steam traps at a time)

    • “Sticky” filters and selected “sort by” that stay with you throughout your session

    • Custom column selection, ordering and sizing that sticks throughout your session

    • Improved responsive layout for better experience on mobile devices

    • Format currency for the Amount Lost column

  • MHM Revised header on the machine charts view page
    • Displays the new Signal Health & State of Charge icons for the last Eversensor reading
    • Adds the ability to see the last time the Eversensor reported (e.g., last report 5 minutes ago)
    • MHM Machine add/edit form has additional validation and dropdowns
    • Dropdowns now display for a number of properties (e.g., code letter, design letter, frame) to help facilitate data entry.
    • The form also displays which fields require numbers and validates that the user has entered numeric values or it displays an error message.

Bug Fixes

  • ALL Restores the ability to view a Machine on the Eversensor summary table if it is installed.

  • STM Force refresh the steam trap triage list every time a user visits the page. This change is needed because a user might resolve a notification and expect the triage item to be cleared on the dashboard, so we need to fetch the latest steam trap data.



  • Add Eversensor State of Charge and Signal Strength icons to: Sensor Summary, Machine Summary, Steam Trap Detail, and the Installation Tool Confirmation pages.
  • Changed VFD chart to a heatmap chart
  • Available sensors are now paginated in all sensor select dropdowns (search for a sensor by Mac Address characters)
  • 02/24/2021:



  • New Machine and Eversensor summary tables, enabling many features
  • Faster page load with pagination (so you only request a small set of machines or sensors at a time)
  • “Sticky” filters and selected “sort by” that stay with you throughout your session
  • Custom column selection, ordering and sizing that sticks throughout your session
  • Improved responsive layout for better experience on mobile devices
  • MHM - Rename FFT View tab to Spectrum Analysis (FFT View)
  • MHM - Add description to notifications settings about alarm annunciation


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