Evercloud Release Notes

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CUSTOMER FACING - 18 month retention policy for gateway status data



CUSTOMER FACING - Sets sensor readings retention to 18 months

CUSTOMER FACING - Steam and machine summer ID column renders as a link in the exported data

INTERNAL - Logs machine, sensor, steam_trap changes as CDC events for internal auditing



CUSTOMER FACING - Improve performance when retrieving time series data

INTERNAL - Add acceleration data to cached last reading in database to show on grafana dashboard



CUSTOMER FACING - Added Hazardous Location Classification to steam traps, machines and gateways.

CUSTOMER FACING - All grids now take up full width of viewport.

BUGFIX - Grid locked columns can now be resized (width)

BUGFIX - Fix ground truth grid showing effective time in created at column



BUGFIX - Grid page size selection doesn’t persist.

BUGFIX - Bulk Upload now sets selected site correctly and allows mac address to be assigned on upload.

BUGFIX - Fix bug preventing gateway customer assignment changes from working.

BUGFIX - Fix bug saving condensate threshold override when creating GroundTruths.

CUSTOMER FACING - Image upload in progress indicator.

CUSTOMER FACING - Images are downsized before upload allowing faster uploads.



BUGFIX - Speed up endpoint to retrieve machine and steam trap summary pages.

BUGFIX - Include leaking by notification information in daily digest email notifications



BUGFIX - Fix sorting issues for gateway serial number for machines / steam traps that do not have a sensor currently installed but did have readings from a prior installed sensor.

BUGFIX - Fix customer name sorting issues for api credentials.

BUGFIX - Fix Leaking_By notifications not including steam trap details

TECH-DEBT - Upgrade mysql client to allow updating manufacturing database to mysql 8.0.35

BUGFIX - Use correct “created” timestamp column from database when sorting ground truths in sensor status algorithm



BUGFIX - Performance fix for sensor data queries.

BUGFIX - Filtering with some characters did not work properly (space, +, % )

CUSTOMER FACING Clear extreme-temperature status for traps that have reported at least one non-extreme temp for at least 90 days

CUSTOMER FACING Clear extreme-temperature status for traps where the most recent extreme temp reading is greater than 180 days ago



BUGFIX -Fix sorting for several columns in the machines table including serial number, vibration values, sensor status

BUGFIX - Fix sorting in api credentials view for site

BUGFIX - Fix sorting in webhooks view

BUGFIX - Fix a bug where tables would not render properly for some users (BryntumGrid settings conflict)



BUGFIX - Fixes filtering by mac address not working once a : character is included

BUGFIX - Fixes sorting issues

BUGFIX - Fixes users table filter by site selector

CUSTOMER FACING - Vue3 upgrade

INTERNAL-FACING- Create superadmin is removed. Open Jira tickets to request superadmin permission

CUSTOMER FACING - Bulk import csv header fields can be mapped to expected field names



INTERNAL-FACING Adds a retention policy to the sensor aggregates table (used by analytics only)

INTERNAL-FACING Adds a database field for hazardous location classification in 3 tables.

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