Getting Started with Everactive Industrial Monitoring

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Getting started with Everactive is as simple as setting up a smart home or adding a computer to a Wi-Fi access point.  Within 5 minutes, batteryless Eversensors can be mounted and data will begin reporting to the Evercloud. can help with a site survey to understand which assets should be monitored and which products are required.


Product Overviews

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Steam Trap Monitoring

Machine Health Monitoring


How to get started

  1. Once assets for monitoring have been decided upon, all relevant hardware will be shipped in support of monitoring.
  2. Power must be run to power the Evergateways. Instructions for this are found here.
  3. Evergateways are installed and connectivity to Evercloud is confirmed.
  4. Once Evercloud connectivity is confirmed, Eversensors are installed on each asset using application-specific hardware using common hand tools.  After the Eversensor powers on, it will discover the Evergateway and a secured connection is then established.
  5. To confirm connectivity, the Eversensor will now be visible in Evercloud. This step is then performed for every Eversensor.

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