STM 2.0 Reset

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STM 2.0 features an integrated reset button that can be used to force the eversensor to reboot and re-pair with the nearest gateway.


Tools needed

A paper clip or Smartphone SIM removal tool can be used to reach the reset button.



Reset Button Location

The reset button is on the underside of the sensor mount, closer to the condensate probe side of the sensor.



Use the paperclip or SIM removal tool to depress the button.  A brief compression of the button will suffice; it does not have to be held down for multiple seconds.


Light behavior

Immediately after depressing the button, you'll observe a single flash.


Note: GIF above loops


Within 1 minute, you'll see three consecutive flashes- this reflects the sensor is in pairing mode.



Note: two flashes are visible in the above GIF.  The flash rate is 250ms, so you'll see three flashes in the window of one second.


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