STM 2.0 Quick Installation Guide

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Steam Trap Monitor (STM) 2.0 Quick Installation Steps

Everactive launched a new steam trap monitoring solution in April 2021.  One benefit of this new solution is the ease of install for the customer. Below is a Quick Installation guide to walk you through the process of installation.




  • Remove any insulation and/or insulation jackets that are needed to expose the appropriate amount of surface on the trap assembly.  You'll need 1/2-inch of bare pipe on each side of the trap.
  • The Eversensor assembly and outlet probe should be seated on the pipe as close to the trap as possible.  Check for the presence of strainers, by-passes, or check valves, and avoid placement where the sensor measurements could be affected.
  • Install the STM 2.0 sensor on the trap.  
    • Loosen the nuts on the U-bolts- one side of the bracket is slotted so the U-bolt can pivot for quick installation.
      • Note: In most cases, the nuts can remain threaded on the U-bolt.  Keeping the nuts connected shortens installation time and reduces the risk of dropping them.

        Pivoting the U-bolt for install
    • Steady the assembly to ensure the Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) is seated on the pipe.
    • Tighten the nuts on the U-bolt using an open ended wrench until the clamp supports the weight of the sensor assembly- typically 1/2 turn past finger-tight.
    • On the outlet side of the trap, use the U-bolt and nuts to secure the clamp to the pipe.  Tighten the nuts 1/2 turn past finger-tight.
    • Form the cable assembly for the remote probe- you can test fit the probe in the outlet side while estimating. 

      While forming the cable, do not bend the radius of the cable tighter than a 2" diameter circle.  As a reference point, use your wrist as a rough estimate.

      While test-fitting, do not insert the cable into the Eversensor without support, as this could break the fitting.

    • The outlet side probe uses a "bayonet" style connector- press inward against the spring pressure, and apply a quarter-turn to seat the probe.

      Bayonet Connector for outlet probe
    • After the cable has been formed to the appropriate distance, connect the cable assembly from the U-bolt to the sense node.  Press in until you hear or feel a "click", then turn the threads on the collar until finger tight.
  • If a spreadsheet is provided with trap tag and associated sensor MAC ID data, use the spreadsheet to determine which sensor is assigned to which trap tag.  Example: In the Boiler Room, trap tag ‘52A’ is pre-associated with MAC ID ‘0E:5B’. The same association data can be accessed directly from logging into this site and accessing the ‘summary trap pages’.  

    For more on the trap summary pages, see this article on Evercloud User Basics.


Everactive is always available to support our customers. If additional assistance is required, please contact your Everactive sales representative, or


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