EGW1.0 Quick Installation Guide

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Evergateway Quick Install Guide

1. Gateway package should include the following items:

a.) Ruggedized Gateway Unit

b.) Evernet Antenna

c.) LTE Antenna

d.) 110V Power Cord

2. Identify a location for the Evergateway where power is present and the Evergateway has a good line of sight to the Steam Traps (STM) or Machine Health Monitoring (MHM) sense node to be monitored.

3. Locate the correct antennas for the correct ports labeled LTE & Evernet on the gateway unit. All antennas included are required.


4. Connect the LTE antenna to its corresponding SMA port on the bottom of the Evergateway by hand.

5. Repeat for the tall, cylindrical Evernet antenna at the top of the unit; the picture below shows the Evergateway with the complete antenna attachments in the correct locations.


6. Apply power to the Evergateway.


9. Confirm connectivity by verifying the connection utilizing the LEDs on the bottom of the Evergateway.

The GREEN LED should be solidly ON and the GREEN LED should blink once per 5 seconds.  Once per every 60 seconds you will see the GREEN LED flicker.  A video of this behavior is here:

  • NOTE: The LEDs may appear dim or off in some lighting conditions

10. Permanently mount the Evergateway oriented vertically. 

  • NOTE: Ideal gateway placement is central to surrounding sense nodes and placed as high as possible in order to ensure the greatest range.


  • NOTE: Dimensions for the mounting tabs on the back of the gateway are below, units are displayed in inches [millimeters]. 



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