Developer Console: How to Manage Your API Keys

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Prerequisites: Managing your API keys requires an active Everactive Developer Console account.

How to Navigate to the Developer Console API Key Management Screen

  1. Log into the Everactive Developer Console:
  2. In the lefthand navigation menu, you’ll see an Integrations header. Click on Integrations in the navigation menu, and then click on the API Keys button on the Integrations screen.01_developer_console_integrations.png
  3. On the API Key Management Screen, you’ll see a table containing your existing API keys. If you don’t currently have any existing keys, you’ll see a “No API Keys Created” message displayed below the table headers.02_developer_console_api_keys.png


How to Create an API Key

  1. Navigate to the Developer Console API Key Management Screen.
  2. To create an API key, click on the Add API Key button located in the upper right corner.03_add_api_key_button.png
  3. Specify a key name and expiration date for your new key in the New API Key dialog box. Click the Create button to create your new key.04_create_key.png
  4. You’ll now see your newly created key. The key plaintext is obscured by default. Click on the eye icon to view your key in plaintext, and the copy icon to copy your key to your clipboard.

    As the dialog box denotes, make sure you save your key value. You will not be able to access your key value again.05_newly_created_key.png
  5. Click on the Done button once you have saved your key.
  6. You will be returned to your API Keys screen, where you will now see your new key listed.06_new_key_on_list.png


How to Delete an API Key

  1. Navigate to the Developer Console API Key Management Screen.
  2. Identify the API key that you wish to delete, and click on the trash can icon to the right of the key.07_api_key_list_trash_icon.png
  3. You will receive a dialog box asking you to confirm your key deletion. To delete the key, click the red Delete API Key button. If you no longer wish to delete your selected key, click the Cancel button.08_delete_key_confirmation.png
  4. You will be returned to the Developer Console API Key Management Screen, where you can view your remaining API keys.02_developer_console_api_keys.png

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