2022-12-08 Release Notes

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Exciting news! On December 8th, we launched a series of software updates since the Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kit launch in November.

We will continue to make embedded software and cloud enhancements based on your feedback, so continue to keep the feedback coming!

The updates are highlighted below:

First, we reorganized the UI to put Everactive Edge Sensors at the top.

We have more exciting UI/UX enhancements on the way, but this was a short-term organization improvement to make it easier for you to get right to the sensor data!


Live Data All Week Long

We have also created a ‘Live Data’ button that can be toggled on to provide updated data every 15 seconds. To get more real time than that, we also provide MQTT egress for streaming data straight from the gateway! We have also provided a time window greater than one day and have expanded the view for a seven day look back.


Power Made Easy

Lastly, we launched a new display for Sensor Energy in microwatt hours. This chart showcases low power sensor energy over time and how these cycles work in real time.

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