Evergateway Software Update Process

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This article describes how to upgrade your gateway if you are running Evergateway software 1.0 and need to upgrade to Evergateway 2.0 software.



  • Gateway running Evergateway 1.0 software
  • USB drive with Evergateway 2.0 software (obtain from Everactive)





Upgrade Procedure

  1. Unplug the gateway from any power source (AC, DC, or PoE).
  2. Insert the USB flash drive containing the gw-2.0 installer into the USB port on the gateway.

  3. Connect power - approximately two minutes later, LEDs will alternate single flashes for one minute.

  4. Wait for the LEDs to stop blinking.

    • One or more LEDs may be lit on the gateway but will not be blinking.30dd6826-1787-45c4-87c7-0727d185d730.gif

  5. Disconnect power
  6. Remove the USB flash drive
  7. Connect power

    • Elapsed time from disconnection should be at least one (1) minute.

  8. Wait for the Installation to finish.

    • It may take up to one (1) hour


  9. Check the gateway software version

    1. Successful upgrade if in the format “v#.#.#-###-########

    2. It may take several minutes after the LED pattern on the gateway is “good.”

    3. image-20221102-175240.png
  10. Check the date/time for “Last Eversensor Reading”
    1. Successful upgrade if showing date/time after upgrade started


For additional troubleshooting questions or to obtain the Evergateway 2.0 software, please contact success@everactive.com 




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