Evernet Compatibility

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This document outlines how Evernet behaves in an environment with multiple Evernet-enabled devices.

Evernet 2.0 is our low powered radio protocol intended to support highly dense sensor environments with hundreds of meters in range. The communication is secure as sensors associate with gateways and the cloud to hand off appropriate encryption keys. This security policy ensures customer / site association, and therefore, results in the following compatibility if customers are using a mix of Everactive solutions:





ENV+ sensor with Evergateway 1.0 with software earlier than 2.0

Incompatible; result in gateway instability

Upgrade gateway software 2.0

ENV+ sensor with Evergateway1.0/Evergateway 2.0 with 2.0 software or later


No recommended action

Everactive STM and MHM application products with Evergateway dongle


For operability, ensure that the Evergateway dongle and the STM / MHM products are associated with the same site & customer configuration

ENV+ sensors with multiple Evergateway dongles operating in proximity


To ensure proper functionality, Evergateway dongles and ENV+ sensors must be associated with the same customer and site for interoperability.

If not, sensors will likely continue a sensor-gateway re-association loop.


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